Our School


As a Catholic School, St Monica’s has a twofold educational function.


Our aim is to provide for our students a holistic educational experience.   We  are  committed  to  the  provision  of an  education  that  caters  for their  academic,  social,   physical,  psychological  and  spiritual  needs.   This we do without distinction of ability, socio-economic class or race.


The framework that we recognize for this commitment is that of the tenets of Catholic Education and, more immediately, the beliefs and aims passed on to us by our Foundress Maria Teresa Spinelli.   It is a context of love and care for each student and a recognition of her intrinsic worth as the “precious treasure” Mother Foundress calls her.


This education we  offer  in  a  safe,  loving  and  Catholic  environment  aimed at  helping  each girl develop to her fullest  potential the gifts and good qualities she is endowed with.